Our facilities allow us to ripen and repackage products under the best food safety protocols, seeking to maintain the best quality through the whole distribution chain.

Agrocarica was established in 2007 to meet the demand of tropical fruits from supermarkets in Mexico. This commercial branch has allowed Agromod to expand its supply chain to new regions and provide a better service for its customers.



To supply the Mexican market with the highest quality fresh produce, seeking the best level of customer satisfaction, based on our human capital and an optimal return of investment for our shareholders.



To become the preferred distributor and marketer of fresh products through the Mexican supply chain.



Honesty, Commitment, Respect, Leadership, Flexibility.

Our products


The ripening of papayas is related to the outer color of their skin, beginning green and then transitioning to orange. The riper the papaya, the sweeter its pulp.


Pineapples are harvested when they have a green color and then left to ripen until a bright yellow color covers most of its surface area.


The Ataulfo mango is sweet, juicy, buttery, low in acidity and has an intense aroma.


This hybrid species of lime is grown until it reaches a deep green color and it is then harvested.

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